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Coping with the death of a loved one is difficult. We understand this and can provide service in the probate of wills and estate administration procedures (will or no will).

We will discuss with the Executor or Administrator, the procedure to be taken to complete the estate, including duties of the Executor or Administrator, materials and information to be obtained to complete documents for the Court and institutions holding assets of the deceased, payment that may be required for the Court. We will discuss the procedures to be taken after a grant has been given by the Court including payment of income taxes, assets to be gathered, expenses to be paid, and distribution of the estate assets. For a list of all forms required in this area, please refer to our Estates forms under Resources.

Should there be an issue regarding the interpretation of a Will or disposition of property under the Will or intestacy (no Will), we may assist with mediation or litigation.

Estate Planning

Our office provides advice to individuals and business owners. We prepare estate planning documents including wills, power of attorney, advance health care directive (Living Will), transfers of titles into joint tenancy with right of survivorship and family trusts. To assist with the preparation of estate planning documents we provide a questionnaire and checklist for clients to review and complete as far as possible for attendance with our lawyers.

We review estate planning documents from other jurisdictions and existing estate planning documents to comment on any changes in the law as it applies to the client’s estate plans. We discuss contingencies and the needs of dependent adults or special needs beneficiaries and the use of a discretionary trust. We hope to bring peace of mind to our clients.