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Corporate and Condominium

We provide legal advice on incorporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, joint venture, other forms of organizing commercial enterprise and not-for-profit or Charitable entities.

We coordinate and communicate with other professionals such as accountants and financial advisors, bankers other interested parties.

We search and reservation entity names for the business or not-for-profit entity.

We discussion and develop share structure for profit corporations or membership for not-for-profit corporations.

We discuss and prepare Articles of Incorporation, Articles of Amendment, Articles of Amalgamation.

We act as Power of Attorney for the purpose of extra-provincial registration of corporations in Saskatchewan. We assist with registration of Saskatchewan Corporations in other provinces. We continue corporations that import to Saskatchewan or export to another province.

We handle Federal Incorporation and not-for Profit/Charitable Corporation registration with Industry Canada.

We prepare minute books including organizational minutes, annual minutes, resolutions to approve dividends, consents of Directors, Subscriptions for shares, Share Certificates and we provide annual services of renewal and annual minutes for corporations. We arrange order corporate seals.

We negotiate and draft shareholders agreements including unanimous shareholders agreement, majority shareholders agreement, voting agreements, proxy forms and notices.

We prepare agreements and minutes for transfer of assets, section 85 rollover agreements, reorganization agreements including amalgamation agreements, declarations, consents, loan agreements debentures.

For condominium corporation clients we provide comprehensive legal advice. We also assist developers and condominium owners. We provide legal services in the organization of the condominium corporation including name reservation, name registration, amendment of bylaws, registration of amendment of bylaws, estoppel certificate, notices of meeting, minutes of meeting, agendas and all documents necessary for the operation of condominium Corporation. We also do mediations between developers and board members, board members and unit members, unit members with other unit members. We provide legal representation in interpretation and implementation of by-laws and provide letters of opinion and drafting of updating by-laws.